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Responsive Website

Responsive Website

BuildinStore has developed a Responsive system to support display by screen size or active device. The content of the site will remain intact whether viewed on Smart Phone, Tablet, Notebook and Computer.
Introduce your website. Tell stories or announcements. With the decoration of the site, stand out by a full-screen Slideshow can automatically change the picture. And set the display time.
Slide Show
Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Supports the Google Analytics Code to store statistics on website traffic. To analyze traffic statistics through Google Analytics.
Support SEO
The system supports SEO (Search Engine Optimize) to put the first page of Google search.
Support SEO
Social Marketing Tools
For sharing information that appeals to social media in response to today's most popular social technologies like Facebook, G +, Line.
Module On Page
Backdoors can be configured to display or not display modules on the page. Help make the web very flexible.
Module On Page
รูปแบบการแสดงผลหน้า List

Page display format List

Schedule multiple page views. And can display many items per page. Make your children have a list page that is appropriate to the category of content used.

More systems.

  • Set up websiteUpdate website Set up email to receive information. 
  • Article system Add content to the article on the site. To present website information easily.
  • File management Easy file management and Supports many file types such as .jpg .png pdf etc.
  • Pictures and videos ใAdd a photo or video to your website. Make the site look more beautiful.
  • Text Editor Create and edit text On the web by writing more HTML code.
  • Add languages Supports multiple languages. On your site
  • Gallery Manage photo album - activities Or set up a related album system
  • Contact Us Add contact info, contact form, contact form Modify the format as desired.
  • Free Support Customer Advisory Services Cover all sections about the site.